Have Some Extra Time? Try Taking Surveys For Some Quick Cash!

Maybe you stay at home for long periods of time and would like to make some extra cash instead of idling.  Or perhaps you get out of work pretty early, or you are a stay-at-home mom with older kids who can see by themselves.  Or you would just like to make some extra money for those Christmas presents.

Online surveys are a fantastic option to make some quick cash.  The great thing about them is that they are easy to fill, you can do them at whatever time you want, you do not need to make any investment, and they do not require any experience.  Sounds swift, huh?

Let’s take a look at the different types of surveys and what should you be looking for.

Types of Online Surveys

There is not really that much of a financial difference between one type of survey and another.  They will all get you real cash if you are dedicated enough.  These are the different types:

  • Ordinary Survey is the type that you receive to register for an online panel and complete some profile questions.  This will allow the surveying company to send you surveys pertinent to you.  Filling one out can take you anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes to complete.  You will be earning about $1 to $3 in average.
  • Profile Survey is the first survey you fill in when joining a panel.  They usually ask for information about your hobbies, your work, how you live, the regular services you pay, etc.  You need to fill in these surveys, otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of survey opportunities.
  • Mobile surveys are becoming more and more popular as our cell phones become more sophisticated.  They are simple and designed for a mobile device.  Because of this, they pay less than normal ones.
  • Webcam surveys need you to have a webcam.  You then need to watch a video so that the panel can gauge your facial expressions as you watch it.  You need to specify that you are ok with these type of surveys as they are usually opt-in.
  • Daily polls are quick one answer questions.  They don’t make you money as they are questions about your preferences.  But it will only take one second to answer and you could be making hundreds from the process.
  • Product testing surveys are sent a product which they can keep, including some expensive ones.  The product tester is then required to answer some questions about the regular use of the product.  You might expect all kinds of things for these surveys, including make-up, health products, or an expensive piece of tech.

What to Look For?

One thing that is important for you to have is patience and perseverance.  You will probably not be cashing in serious money right away but if you are consistency you will be in less time than what you think.

Whenever looking for an online survey service, check the following:

  • The website is trustworthy and (very importantly) they have a privacy policy.
  • No payment is required from you.  If there is any, it is probably a scam seeking to make money out of you instead of for you.
  • Check for the payment method.  Some companies pay through PayPal or they will send you a check to the address you provide.