Have Some Extra Time? Try Taking Surveys For Some Quick Cash!

Maybe you stay at home for long periods of time and would like to make some extra cash instead of idling.  Or perhaps you get out of work pretty early, or you are a stay-at-home mom with older kids who can see by themselves.  Or you would just like to make some extra money for those Christmas presents.

Online surveys are a fantastic option to make some quick cash.  The great thing about them is that they are easy to fill, you can do them at whatever time you want, you do not need to make any investment, and they do not require any experience.  Sounds swift, huh?

Let’s take a look at the different types of surveys and what should you be looking for.

Types of Online Surveys

There is not really that much of a financial difference between one type of survey and another.  They will all get you real cash if you are dedicated enough.  These are the different types:

  • Ordinary Survey is the type that you receive to register for an online panel and complete some profile questions.  This will allow the surveying company to send you surveys pertinent to you.  Filling one out can take you anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes to complete.  You will be earning about $1 to $3 in average.
  • Profile Survey is the first survey you fill in when joining a panel.  They usually ask for information about your hobbies, your work, how you live, the regular services you pay, etc.  You need to fill in these surveys, otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of survey opportunities.
  • Mobile surveys are becoming more and more popular as our cell phones become more sophisticated.  They are simple and designed for a mobile device.  Because of this, they pay less than normal ones.
  • Webcam surveys need you to have a webcam.  You then need to watch a video so that the panel can gauge your facial expressions as you watch it.  You need to specify that you are ok with these type of surveys as they are usually opt-in.
  • Daily polls are quick one answer questions.  They don’t make you money as they are questions about your preferences.  But it will only take one second to answer and you could be making hundreds from the process.
  • Product testing surveys are sent a product which they can keep, including some expensive ones.  The product tester is then required to answer some questions about the regular use of the product.  You might expect all kinds of things for these surveys, including make-up, health products, or an expensive piece of tech.

What to Look For?

One thing that is important for you to have is patience and perseverance.  You will probably not be cashing in serious money right away but if you are consistency you will be in less time than what you think.

Whenever looking for an online survey service, check the following:

  • The website is trustworthy and (very importantly) they have a privacy policy.
  • No payment is required from you.  If there is any, it is probably a scam seeking to make money out of you instead of for you.
  • Check for the payment method.  Some companies pay through PayPal or they will send you a check to the address you provide.


Tips and tricks for getting signage made for your kids events

It doesn’t matter how old your child is, a kid’s event like a birthday party, moving up ceremonies, or other cause milestones that are worth celebrating is a lot of fun. Coming together as a family is much easier to do during these times as well.

Making signs for the party can be an exciting project for both the mom and their children. Together it is easier to come up with creative ideas for signage that will make the event even more fun. You can also hire an expert signage maker, like Speed Pros, to make the event signage for you.

Creating the signs together is the perfect mother and child bonding situation leading up to the event. While hiring a professional will help build signage that will make for a great welcome to guests and be a wonderful exterior décor for your kid’s event. We suggest these simple tips and tricks to get a signage made for your kid’s events.

Family Event

Your signage must first show that the event is a family event. It should be welcoming to guests who are bringing their children with them. They must feel comfortable with the signage and it should encourage fun and enjoyment for all.

There can be additional designs that match the celebration whether it’s colorful flowers for your daughter’s birthday or some superhero designs for your son. It should perfectly represent what your child likes.

Part of your décor

As with any kid’s event, there are decorations that build a beautiful environment and should be inviting to guests. Every family should feel like the signage is there as the grand entrance to the fun event they are about to experience.

Make an event signage that has a good mix of colors and designs which are both attractive and child-friendly. It would be great if your visitors will be in awe once they see the signage to set up their expectations for a great event.

Easily installed or removed

Big signage will be a plus to any event to make it more inviting. However, it can also be hard to install or remove because of its size. A retractable sign will be an easier install option for party planners that want to make a quick installation and removal.

You can work with your signage maker to build a good-looking sign that can be removed quickly. It should be able to deliver the message of the party and fit seamlessly together where it doesn’t look like it was installed right then and there.

Your signage for the event must be able to add to your party in terms of design and communicating a good message to kids. It would be perfect if you can design it for easy removal and installation. This is easier to do if you hire a signage maker working with you.

Building a stone patio for your children to play on

No matter how big your backyard is, it definitely has the potential to become your family’s favourite hangout. A stone patio project can be both creative and fun, allowing you to experiment with almost limitless ideas and make it a great place to bring the family together. If your patio is bit uneven or showing in years than a simple remodel will ensure your child’s safety. Professional masonry companies, like Centuria Masonry in Vancouver, can provide full advice, planning and installation to make your project easy and cost efficient. Here are just a few reasons for having a patio and how you can keep it child-friendly.

A place to bring the family together

A sturdy patio table with some deckchairs will create the perfect place for family meals and entertaining guests. All kinds of additions can be made to suit your needs like a stone barbeque, a roof covering or a play area for the kids. A patio gives you the perfect space for these and more.

Adds aesthetics and creative design to your home

A nicely set stone patio can make your home look beautiful and inviting.  All families want a home that is both child-safe and convenient, a Patio allows a beautiful place to relax and unwind during the day while still being able to keep an eye on the kids. Masonry companies in Vancouver offer a wide range of textures and colours to choose from to create beautiful designs in a family-safe environment.

A play area for your children 

Having a large flat area can allow the perfect place to create a play area. Outdoor padding can be added to ensure extra safety if you have toddlers. If you’re looking for some recommendations here are some idea for outdoor padding for toddlers. You can even create an enclosed pen to keep them safe while getting all the fresh air they need.

Easy to clean and maintain

Concrete surfaces are easy to clean and keep well maintained. Most spills can be washed away easily with a garden hose or a power washer for those tougher stains. With brick paving stones repairs can be easily made and replaced without having to redo the entire patio. The end result after replacing a few bricks will look seamless and as though nothing had happened to your patio.

Make sure your patio is child-friendly

It’s inevitable that even with all the care and supervision, slips, trips and falls will occur. But there are a few things you can do to lessen the damage. Consider non-slip stones, especially if you have a pool or any area prone to getting wet.

Creating a child-friendly patio takes a bit of planning but the time and effort are well worth it both for safety and accessibility. The benefit of having a patio designed with kids in mind will be apparent once you see them enjoying the spaces made just for them, all while you can enjoy a convenient cleanup and easy supervision.

Teaching good oral health to your children

Learning how to take care of their teeth at a young age will save your kids from other dental problems when they grow up.

Understandably, there are so many things that we have to prepare our kids for at an early age, from potty training, to sleeping arrangements, eating habits, to brushing their teeth regularly. As parents, we clearly know how crucial these things are for them once they start to work on their hygiene routines independently. Out of all these training, the oral care is admittedly one of the toughest habit to teach to them, considering that there is no natural body impulse to make them do it. I’ve seen so many children around 7 to 8 years old who are mortified when they go to a dental clinic. A trip to an orthodontist or dentist is surely not one of the most comfortable experiences for a kid, but nonetheless necessary. One of the ways to reduce their fear of oral check-up is to start from home.

As a mom of two active kids, I had the same struggle and I was even more pressured knowing that our family is not one to have a set of perfect teeth. This makes good oral care even more crucial in our home. I did all possible fun and kid-friendly ways to make oral care more acceptable and less horrifying for my kids. As a matter of fact, I introduced them early on to our family orthodontist in Vancouver even before the fear develops in their head. Fortunately, dentists and orthodontics around town try to be as kid-friendly as possible. Our first trip was just to introduce them to the Orthodontic, knowing full well that one of them will eventually have to wear braces. They were able to see how it works around a clinic and why it’s important to brush their teeth regularly.

So, going back home, I simply tell them about their experiences in the orthodontics to remind them to take care of their teeth. I tried not to be too strict about the rules, though. We just make sure to brush and floss our teeth together whenever we can, and candies are totally banned from our house. You see, the habits of eating sweets will also start young, and from home. So before they even get heavily influenced with what their classmates will be eating at school, it’s good to already put in their heads what they are allowed to eat. My other kid already went to school, and predictably, some of her classmates buy candies. She got tempted to buy one for herself, as well, but when she got home, she still got the candies with her. That’s when she asked me if she can eat those. On my part, that’s how I also knew that I’ve successfully managed to embed in their minds what’s good and harmful for their teeth. But of course, I allowed my daughter the treat of eating one of the candies she brought.

Teaching good oral health to children does not have to be a tough process. We all know how kids can easily adopt to things we teach them, so it’s crucial that we teach them the things that need to be avoided as part of caring for their teeth, and all these need to be done in the most positive way, possible.


Getting work and family life balance right

busy mom

As we become busy with our lives and pursuing our careers, we tend to forget how important a family is. Our family plays a very important role in our well-being and happiness.Not every circumstance, family and work place is the same, it is important to find a way that works best for you and your family.

Here are a few ways in which you can learn how to better divide your time between work & family life.


By becoming better organised, you are giving yourself a head-start balancing work & family life. Whether you work at home or in an office away from home, you need to be able to organise exactly what you do every day. Get a list together of what needs to be done and when – this can work at home and in the work place.


Don’t ever suffer in silence and wonder why you are doing all the work! Delegate tasks, chores and obligations at both household and work and you may start to free up a while for you. Create a chart that details what people should be doing to assist you to. If you include children, explain to them the way you need some time for it to relax and why they could help around the house. You may provide incentives to discover the children working! Rid yourself of the need to possess everything done there and then and you may start to loosen up. This is especially true in case you have children to care for as well. Children are difficult and unpredictable – meaning possibly you have to stop working for some time if you need to take care of an emergency or get them to dinner.

Alone time

Explain to your partner, or to your children that you need to be on your own every now and again! It isn’t being selfish to your children or partner if you want to be alone. We all need to be able to have some quality time with ourselves, especially when we live busy lives.

daycareFinding child care

Find a quality child care facility or childminder and let them take the strain of parenting off you for a while. You don’t have to feel guilty about this, as more often than not, the children will have a great time. You could perhaps work when the children are with the minder or you could have some quality time with your partner or yourself. There are many other ways in which you can balance work & family life successfully. Whether you work at home or in an office, remember that if you are tired and stressed at home or at work, you will be the same at the other.